Now that you have your intranet starter site, you can:


Click around and see where you end up. Explore the toolbar at the top of the page.

As you move your cursor around the screen, you will notice edit and other icons appear (Zen allows you to turn these settings off for users based on permissions.)

Don't worry - you can't break anything! With Zen Drafts, your changes won't show to others until you publish. And you can always use the page history to revert content.

When you're ready to change things up, you can customize:

Customize Content

To edit, let your mouse hover over the upper left corner of the content section you want to modify.

You'll see the edit icon appear. Click on it to get to the editor, and continue to edit and preview until you're ready to publish your content. (You should see a Draft watermark appear at the top of the page you are editing.)

When you are ready to publish, just click the check icon at the top of the page, or you can also publish from the pencil icon in the toolbar.

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You can also try setting up new spaces. (You can create new spaces from the dashboard, which you can navigate to via the configuration menu in the toolbar.)

Find out more about the space structure behind your intranet »

Customize Layout

Looking for 3 columns on a page instead of 2? Easy!

First, you'll need to override the Master for the page you'd like to change*. (Choose the "Override Master Layout" menu item in the toolbar's Configure, or "gear" menu.)

Then, it's as easy as grabbing and dragging! Your cursor will turn into a 'move cursor' as you hover over the top center of a section. Grab the section and move it anywhere on the page, creating a new column by dropping it where you want it to go. 

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*NOTE: you can also change the layout on the .zen.master, but keep in mind - any changes to the Master will also affect any page that is run from that master.

Customize Navigation


The main menu for your intranet is set on the page in the Utility Space. Changing the menu is as easy as editing a page - just click the pencil icon on the first section containing the menu items, and start making changes!

The drop menus are created with sections. After creating a section, open the section designer and add a title that matches the name of whatever menu item you'd like the drop menu item to match.

The footer for your intranet is set on the .zen.footer page?in the Utility Space. The 'site map' is made up of floated sections - to add or change links or headers, just click on the pencil in the upper left corner of any section and start editing.

Customize Brand

Customize your intranet for internal or external users

Zen Intranet comes with the "intranet" brand. Use it as is, or watch the following video to learn how to quickly change it to reflect your corporate identity.